The intention of yoga is to cultivate awareness for health and wellness. The physical postures known as asanas are a means to create alignment in the body for comfort and health. When we are sick or in pain, it is hard to hear, see or feel anything else. 


When the body is comfortable, the mind can be still. It is in stillness that perception can arise, and we can see with a greater self-awareness to be healthier and happier.


You can hear the wind in nature on a peaceful day, the rustling of the leaves in the trees, birds chirping, feel the warmth from the sun's rays and even taste crisp, cool air.  


Like a storm cloud in the sky, outer distractions pass. We cannot always change the circumstance, but we can change the way we see, feel, and be peace in mind/body. 

Immune System Safety Boost
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Mold Safety "Breathe Easier"
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Stress Safety "Desk Yoga Tips"
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Mindful Eating & Yoga for Mind
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